Monthly Maker Challenge: September 2019

It is decided! For my September challenge, I am going to be making…a Jack Skellington plush! I found a few inspiration photos on Pinterest:

Jack Skellington Plush

If you are unfamiliar with this particular character, Jack Skellington is the animated lead in Tim Burton’s fantastic stop-motion musical, The Nightmare Before Christmas. A quick summary of the story: Jack is the skeleton Pumpkin King in a place called Halloweentown where scary creatures live and spend all year planning Halloween hijinks. Jack becomes disillusioned with his life, longing for something more meaningful, and then accidentally stumbles across Christmastown where Santa and the elves spend all year preparing for Christmas. He decides to kidnap Santa Claus and take over Christmas. Obviously, it doesn’t go well and a musical misadventure ensues. It is truly a fun, slightly creepy, movie for the whole family. 

Which brings me to the reason for choosing this particular craft for my inaugural challenge:

  1. Owen, my 2.5 year old, is obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas, especially Jack Skellington. My sister and nephew introduced him before his first birthday and he has been humming, singing, and now requesting, the music/movie ever since. He is ecstatic every time we seen Jack in a store display and I know he will LOVE having his own stuffed version to snuggle. 
  2. Halloween is next month and it seemed like a good fall craft! 
  3. I’ve been wanting to get my sewing machine out for ages and this is a great excuse. 

Tune in for progress photos/discussion as I am 100% winging this craft (which is my style) and not using a pattern. 

So now it’s your turn…are you joining me on my monthly adventure? What are you making this September?

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